Volume 17: Content Management

Large quantities don’t faze us. We are accustomed to profits in the billions; city populations, visitors, sales in the tens of millions; personalized recommendations, search results, comments by the thousands; and scientific discoveries by the hundreds. But no sooner had we felt that plenty of money, information, and possibilities were normal than we began to face a world of scarcity. Perhaps we’ll go down in history as those who witnessed the arrival of an era of unlimited availability only to contend with massive shortfalls. Resources of all kinds are said to be dwindling: the sudden loss in assets, equity, and funding; the decreasing availability of non-renewable fuels; and the slowing output of the global food supply chain. It’s like playing poker under more favorable house rules, but with steadily disappearing cards.

At the close of this era of expansion and surplus C-Lab speculates on one of the period’s emblematic inventions: Content Management, or the collecting, organizing and sharing of digital information. Our retrospective appraisal of recent developments in the managing of information offers insight into the ability of Content Management to serve the current realities of digital abundance and material shortage, and to protect both vast and extremely limited quantities.
-Jeffrey Inaba

The Architecture of Content Management
Mark Wigley

Julien De Smedt Interviewed by Jesse Seegers and Jeffrey Inaba

Operating Manuals
Lars Muller interviewed by Benedict Clouette and Forrest Jessee

A New Mind for An Aging Species
Réne Daalder

Rank and File
Chris Anderson interviewed by Jeffrey Inaba and Jesse Seegers

In Media Res
Ken Goldberg interviewed by Jeffrey Inaba and Jesse Seegers

The Rachel Maddow Show
Rachel Maddow interviewed by Jeffrey Inaba and Benedict Clouette

News Update
Arianna Huffington interviewed by Jeffrey Inaba

World Heritage: Oryx or Goat?

The Big Dig
Nadia Abu El-Haj interviewed by Jeffrey Inaba

Content-Managing the Urban Landscape
Joseph Grima

Technically Speaking
Marc Simmons interviewed by Jesse Seegers and Jean Choi

Communicating Content
Oliver Domeisen

The Politics of the Envelope: A Political Critique of Materialism
Alejandro Zaera Polo

Art as Urbanism
Michael Govan interviewed by Jeffrey Inaba and Benedict Clouette

Architecture is Merciless
Jacques Herzog

Talk of the Town
AOC interviewed by Jesse Seegers

Life Support
Inaki Abalos intervied by Mariela Alvarez and Alfonso Garcia del Ray

Vogt Landscape Architects

Seeds of Paranoia

Still Metropolitan After All These Years
Philippe de Montebello interviewed by Jeffrey Inaba

Content Management
Ari Marcopoulos

Faculties for Architecture
Arjen Oosterman





















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