Vogt Landscape Architects explore how nature can be reinvigorated by its transplantation into a constructed context. In their project for the Masoala Rainforest Hall at the Zurich Zoo, Vogt transplanted nature as a kind of ex-situ conservation, removing the plants from their threatened ecology and preserving them in an artificial state. In their courtyard for FIFA, Vogt inserted simulated nature, fiberglass molded into the shape of tree trunks, as a support for live plants that will grow over these armatures. By relocating a natural ecology into an artificial, managed setting, Vogt conjures the ecology’s origin, and the fragility of living environments.


Forum 3, Novartis Campus, Basel, 2005.
A total of fourteen hundred plants were planted in the Room of Plants, including eleven giant trees. All of these come from large-scale nurseries in Malaysia, Thailand and Florida.

Home of FIFA, Zurich, 2006.
'The Game of Continents'. In the 40,000m2 inner courtyard eight sculptures in the shapes of dead trees loom upward.

Masoala Rain Forest Hall, Zurich Zoo, 2003.
10,800m2 of constructed nature.















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