C-Lab is a research group at Columbia University’s Graduate School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation that explores the relationships between people, technologies, and design. We study the possible roles for new technologies in buildings and cities. We propose ways to enrich the experience of architecture.

Director: Jeffrey Inaba

Research Coordinator: Benedict Clouette

Associate Research Scholars: Susan Surface, Phillip Denny

C-Lab Collaborators (since 2005):

Aditya Ghosh
Alfonso Garcia del Ray Blanco
Allyn Hughes
Amanda Shin
Anabelle Pang
Andrew Shimomura
April Lee
Ashley Couch
Aurelien Gillier
Betsy Medvedovsky
Brandon Wagner
Brigitte Lucey
Bjorn Ehrlemark
Cameron Woods Robertson
Christopher Giamarino
Clara Klein
Cody Campanie
Corinne Quin
Dana Karwas
Elizabeth Krasner
Eric Barr
Evan Litvin
Forrest Jessee
Frederic Schnee
Gabriel Tomasulo
Genevieve Rainsaberger
Georgina Baronian
Greg Evans
Harmony Murphy
Helen-Rose Condon
Hugo Oliveira
Igsung So
Jack Schonewolf
Jean Choi
Jeffrey Yip
Jesse Seegers
Jillian Crandall
Johanna Stemper
Julia Kim
Julianne Gola
Justin Fowler
Kate Meagher
Katharine Okamoto
Kelsey Campbell-Dollaghan
Lauren Turner
Leah Whitman-Salkin
Liz Stetson
Lukas Pauer
Luke Daenen
Mana Ikebe
Maria Broytman
Maria Kowalska
Mariela Alvarez
Maryana Grinshpun
Matthew Clarke
Matthew Hoffman
Matthew Shaw
Matthew Shen Goodman
Maurizio Mucciola
Miguel Castaneda
Monica Datta
Nathalie Janson
Nicole Magnelia
Nicolo Bagnati
Nicholas Solakian
Phillip Denny
Robert Sochanski
Sean Connelly
Shumi Bose
Talene Montgomery
Tiffany Wey
Winnie Lam
Xinyu Li
Yukiko Bowman
Yutaro Muraji

C-Lab Advisory Board:

Barry Bergdoll
Gary Hattem
Jiang Jun
John S. Johnson
Lewis Lapham

Columbia Graduate School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation
3 Claremont Ave
Suite 101
New York NY 10027
Telephone: +1 212 851-0235


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