In collaboration with One Pot and with support from New York design firms LiMN Architects and Design Compendium, C-Lab created a dinner table for sixty guests as part of a charity fundraising event for Architecture for Humanity. Situated in a rare Louis Comfort Tiffany interior located at the Park Avenue Armory, sixty linear feet of required table surface is compressed into thirty-five feet of available floor space by designing the table in a Z-shape. In turn, the figure of the table sets the tone for interaction among guests, reducing the overall distance between diners, and allowing for informal discussion areas before and after courses.

The table base and top were conceived of as two parts with distinct life spans. The legs are designed to be durable and re-usable in typical restaurant furniture fashion. But unlike standard restaurant legs intended to disappear from view, here they are drawn to the edge of the eight-foot tabletop span, economizing the total number needed while increasing their visibility with a deliberate design identity to resonate in future re-uses. In contrast, the tabletop is made of thin MDF sheets (1/4”) sourced from remnant building site materials and in a state too damaged to realistically use after the event. C-Lab made the insubstantial material a feature of the design by cantilevering the thin sheets a maximum functional length and allowing its thin profile to serve as a counterpoint to the table’s attenuated form.

Director: Jeffrey Inaba
Project Designer: Simon Battisti
Project Team: Justin Fowler, Nathalie Janson, Amanda Shin, Leah Whitman-Salkin, Jeffrey Yip
Photography: Naho Kubota









One Pot
Architecture for Humanity